Day 1 Withdrawal from Oxycodone

oxyHey there… just thought it would be interesting to log my withdrawal from Oxycodone.  I’ve been using a relative small dose for about a month now and am tapering off.  Thought it might be useful for others who are going through withdrawal to get an idea of when they might feel normal again.

I was on about 20 mg a day…. basically two 10 mg/325 acetaminophen tablets as shown here.  Ahh… they are such pleasant little friends and I honestly wish I had a big pile of them right now.  Day one is the worst, but I don’t expect to hit bottom for another couple days.  Then…. things should start getting better.

I feel like all I want to do is sleep for the most part.  And get more drugs.  But I know that I should resist… I sometimes have fantasies of what it would be like to somehow find a huge lost shipment of pills.  Then I could stash them away somewhere and live off them for a few years.  Sometimes I think about the factory where they are made.  Are there workers sorting out pills on a conveyor belt in front of them 8 hours a day?  How do they resist not popping a few as they go by?  Seems like the type of job that would drive anyone insane.  LOL!

To help out with my withdrawal I’m taking Tylenol Extra Strength 500mg, St. John’s Wort (to help with depression) and am attempting to refill a Xanax prescription I have.  We’ll see if they refill it or not.  Drank a beer earlier tonight but that didn’t help too much.  Sleep helps a lot, but people think you’re crazy if all you do is sleep.  Caffeine seems to help… a nice giant drink from your favorite coffee shop should do the trick.

There’s no way around it though… if you’re going to party there will be a price to pay sooner or later.

Oh… I did find one thing that seems to help a lot with withdrawal symptoms.  Try some over the counter Benadryl.  It will make you sleepy, but it definitely seems to help with the achy feeling and kind of takes away the anxiety.  Also, if you think you are going to go through withdrawal it’s a good idea to plan around it.  Maybe not the best time to do it is when relatives are coming in from out of town?  Right now I’m taking a guess it will be about 7 days still I really feel close to 100% normal.  There’s the physical part and then the psychological part.  But, I will say the depression from this is not nearly as bad as meth or coke withdrawal.

Check out this article: How to Endure Acute Withdrawal from Opiates (Narcotics)


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